More on pH Score and Company Shortlisting

What are the total marks for eLitmus pH Test?

There are three sections in pH Test. The maximum marks in each of the section is 200 and that makes it a total of 600 marks. To help you understand where you stand viz a viz other test takers – eLitmus provides percentile score of individual sections - in addition to the absolute scores.

Though your score won’t change, your percentile might change from time to time when compared with a newer pool of test takers.

Note: pH test scores are valid for 2 years.

What does a percentile score signify?

Lot of candidates confuse percentile to percent. These are vastly different and a brief explanation is below.

Let us assume Ram has 80th percentile in one of the sections. It means 80% of pH Test takers have scored less than him and 20% of pH Test takers have scored more than him in that section. Typically one’s scores is compared with approximately 1,20,000 pH test takers. So 20% of candidates that is 24,000 in all are above Ram.

Indicative ranks in the pH test against few percentile score is provided below.

Percentile Approx. Rank*
95 6,000
90 12,000
80 24,000
70 36,000
60 48,000
*Assuming total number of test takers to be 1,20,000

What are my chances of getting a call?

eLitmus uses an artificial intelligent (AI) engine which uses extremely complex algorithms. The objective is to ensure candidates find jobs by being rejected in minimum number of places and that companies find talent which actually performs on the job.

The success of the AI engine can be gauged from the fact that for every 3 candidates who attend selection process of a company through eLitmus, one gets offered.

For every job, eLitmus’ AI engine assigns a rank to each student based on preferences and job profile set by the companies. So it is possible that you might be ranked higher than your friend in company “A” but in company “B” your friend is ranked higher despite having a lower score. This could be because Company A is engaged in R&D and hence gives higher weightage to individuals who have solved questions related to following skills – out of box thinking, algorithmic thinking, simplification, relational thinking, encapsulation and abstraction. Company B might be engaged in providing software services work or QA work. And hence will give higher weightage to individuals who have solved questions related to following skills – methodical approach, eye for detail, perseverance, patience etc.

To illustrate this further - in a cricketing skills test, Sachin Tendulkar might score better than Mahendra Singh Dhoni at the overall level, but when the vacancy is for wicket keeper – Dhoni will be ranked higher given he has more wicket keeping experience. Similarly if a team seeks an opening batsman they would tend to prefer Sachin.

Apart from these, some companies might have additional preference on basis of Geography and Academic credentials (for example: candidates from a particular state or candidates with above 65% throughout or candidates from certain colleges etc)