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One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who guides to make the career for others. I am sans bo

Great fresher jobs!

Your time is precious. You should be spending it learning new skills, working at great companies, earning good salaries, and having fun. Not waste it spending hours every day just to find out which companies are hiring (especially in these hard times!), or which email-ids you should send your resume to, or figuring what kind of aptitude tests you will be confronted with at each company.

Over 100 great companies have recruited freshers based on pH Test Scores in the last three years. A look at our clients should convince you that the pH Test is now the preferred way to recruit freshers in India. A further look at your seniors' testimonials should clinch the issue.

Sure, you can apply to a hundred companies without ever taking the pH Test. In fact, that is what a great number of misguided students still do. Except that you will take a few months longer, and settle for a job a few notches lower than your potential. The smartest freshers are getting their ideal jobs through eLitmus. We think you deserve one too.