Key Team Members

Sandeep Sehgal

Chief Executive Officer

Sandeep began his career in core manufacturing, and then joined Infosys. In the 12 years that he spent at Infosys, he not only developed software for Fortune 500 companies primarily in the BFSI vertical, but led cross-functional teams across geographies. At Infosys, he also participated in various strategic initiatives, especially around HR.

Sandeep graduated in Engineering from IIT BHU in 1991 and later completed his PGSEM from IIM Bangalore in 2002.

Sandeep is an avid bridge and badminton player.

Anirvanjyoti Chaudhuri

Head - Corporate Sales

Anirvan started his career at the Reserve Bank of India, where he worked for 10 years in multiple roles across policy and operations functions and technology initiatives, especially related to payment systems. Post RBI, Anirvan joined IBM and, subsequently, HCL Technologies, where he led business units in the banking and finance vertical. In 2007, he turned an entrepreneur and ran a technology consulting firm – Kognos, for a couple of years. Post Kognos, he worked with a Tier II SI and helped them set up and run their IT infrastructure services business.

Anirvanjyoti graduated in English Literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 1989, completed his management studies from National Institute of Business Management, Kolkata in 1993 and his masters in English Literature from University of Mysore in 1995.

Anirvan is a voracious reader and gourmet.

Aseem Marwaha

Director - Solutioning and Strategic Initiatives

Aseem started his career with a brief stint in the paper industry, and then worked with Infosys and iFlex, where he developed custom software for the banking and enterprise domains. Post Infosys, he worked as an adviser in recruitment strategy to companies like Synectics (now Logica), eCredit and Quidnunc. He was also the founder of Browse Consulting, a highly successful recruitment firm in the software industry.

Aseem graduated in Engineering from IIT Delhi in 1995.

Aseem’s interests lie in anything and everything under the ambit of finance.

Shireesh Jayashetty

Director - Technology

Shireesh began his career at Infosys. In the 13 years that he spent there, he managed country operations of his global team comprising consultants, architects and designers, and as Principal Architect, advised fortune 500 companies on IT strategy. He also participated in various strategic initiatives including those around career development.

Shireesh graduated in Engineering from Gulbarga University.

Shireesh is an avid follower of music and Kannada literature.

Satish Prasad

Director - Finance and Administration

Satish started his career as a practicing Chartered Accountant, specializing in direct taxation and company law. He has a special interest in company incorporation and has been a consultant to many start-ups.

Satish graduated in Science from Bangalore University and is a Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Satish is actively involved in community and social work.

Arijit Dutta

Head - Assessment Practice and Organization Development

Arijit started his career as a chip designer in Motorola (and subsequently Freescale Semiconductor). In his 8 year stint in the semiconductor industry, Arijit led critical design functions and methodology formulation for Motorola’s next generation chipsets and managed cross functional teams across locations. Arijit holds 3 patents in this domain.

Next, Arijit turned an entrepreneur and ran a company that developed and sold internet platforms and content in chip design, mobile application and web development.

He graduated in Engineering from IIT Bombay.

Arijit is a martial arts and music enthusiast.

Sukumar Pradhan

Head - Recruitment Delivery

Sukumar began his career with Browse Consulting in 2005 and has been associated with eLitmus since then. He has consulted with a range of technology product and services companies on their recruitment strategy and processes. He also set up and ran the test operations function at eLitmus.

Sukumar completed his post-graduate studies in Biotechnology from Bangalore University in 2004.

Sukumar loves to travel and is a keen follower of global current affairs.

Vinay Mallya

Head - Assessment Delivery

Vinay’s career started in 2000 in his family food business. In 2004, he moved into Bharti Airtel for a short time. Subsequently, he spent a few years with Cybermedia before moving into Assessments with PAC Labs. He has led cross-functional and cross-cultural teams in delivering cloud-based skill and competency assessments to several Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Vinay is a graduated in Commerce from Mangalore University in 2000.

Vinay is an avid martial arts practitioner - a Black Belt in Budokan Karate.