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eLitmus Evaluation Pvt Ltd
Software Associate - Intern
eLitmus Evaluation Pvt Ltd
Full Time
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

₹ 12,10,000 | Internship Stipend ₹ 29k/month

Fresher (2023)

About referral program - Anyone who has an eLitmus account (you don't have to be a eLitmus employee) can refer their friends to this job. If no friend has referred you - please enter 'None' at the time of applying. To know more about the referral program, visit :


What this job offers / Why look at this job?

  • Freedom
    • We do not expect you to be a translator where you are told what to do and you just translate that into code.
  • Create history/ change the world
    • Did you know World's leading car rental companies like Aviz / Hertz had 100k+ cars with them and hundreds of programmers. It was just a few weeks of effort which was needed for these companies to copy Uber's app and they had the cars anyways with them!! But the programmers who worked on the mindset of translators failed to react.
    • Similarly, Amazon's revenue was a fraction of the world's largest retail chain's profit for many years !!
    • Like in the early 2000s Google had search users and they built a great company out of it. At eLitmus, where we also have users, can you build incremental tools which can help eLitmus become a cult ??
  • All round exposure
    • You will collaborate with founders to design, develop and deploy all stacks to power the company vision. You need to have good aptitude, strong design/ coding skills, and a zeal to work
    • You get to work on all aspects of development,  starting from spec a feature, designing it, developing the feature, testing it, and finally, all the way to deploying it over AWS. (basically, you can be one man army in the future)
    • You are encouraged to have a side project which leverages on database and traffic of eLitmus (will love to see one of them become as big as Facebook)


Our Story

In 2019 we set out on the journey of eLitmus 3.0. The groundwork is done and we are now looking for our winning team.

All along we have been too busy building awesome products and ensuring all customer deliveries are nothing but excellent. We have been happy churning out great products and customers coming to us with word of mouth. This has ensured we have remained a small bunch of highly motivated people. But now we are looking at eLitmus being a tech company rather than a company enabled by tech. Looking for a few mavericks to join the team to make it happen. The ones who Steve Jobs referred to as "stay foolish and stay hungry". Remember it's a handful of revolutionaries who changed the World with the French Revolution.


Selection process

The selection happens in Round 3.  You can see the exact assignment and start preparing for it straight away. 

  • Round 1 - Elimination round
    • This will be based on your eLitmus test scores and answers to a few other questions which are captured as part of the selection process
  • Round 2 - Assignment round
    • Show you are serious and can learn
    • Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for this round
  • Round 3 - Ability to change the World & show you are interesting
    • The assignment details can be seen here: problem statement
    • It will give you a sense of what kind of exciting problems we solve in eLitmus



  • 2023 batch BE / B.Tech.
  • Proficient coder
  • High problem-solving and algorithmic thinking skills
  • Vociferous reader


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Desired skills:

Our selection process is extremely rigorous, but some traits which can get you into the eLitmus technology team are:

  • You should have explored things outside of your curriculum
  • You should be familiar with web technologies.
  • You should feel at home with a POSIX-compliant OS (Linux/ MacOS/ Unix)
  • You are high on logic and love mathematics, puzzles, and brain teasers
  • With all the above, you are still very well glued to what's happening in the world at large around you -  you most definitely do not lack General Knowledge. It is sort of depressing for us that in one of our previous events, most people thought that the current CEO of Infosys is Mr. Narayan Murthy!


Compensation Details:  

  • Stipend during the internship period would be
    • ₹ 29,000 per month while working from the office
  • The CTC of 12 lakh includes Phantom Bonus stocks worth 4 lahks which is assured cash (not linked to stock price) and paid out over 3 years.
  • Above mentioned CTC would be applicable post-successful completion of the internship on 31-Jul-2023.


Note :

  • eLitmus spends considerable effort in training new interns/ employees through direct mentoring by senior folks. Only candidates willing to commit for a minimum period of 24 months tenure post commencement of full-time employment need apply.



Anyone who has an eLitmus account can refer their friends to this job. As a token of gratitude eLitmus will pay you a cash reward (paid to a bank account of an Indian resident post applicable tax deductions by eLitmus):

  • ₹ 5,000 for each successful referral

For detailed terms, please visit the referral program link given above.