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Aandal Margabanthu

Citi Group

"I would like to thank eLitmus for giving me an opportunity to find my dream job.It is definitely the best platform to kickstart

What candidates say...

Raghu Ram,  Cisco
Gitam University  (2015 batch)
Thank you eLitmus for giving life to my dream. I would definitely recommend my friends for taking the eLitmus exam which provides atleast genuine jobs. Thank you once again.

Kunal Bose,  Cisco
Camellia Institute Of Engineering, Digberia  (2015 batch)
It was a great pleasure to have eLitmus in my life. eLitmus is the best medium between candidates and the corporate world. It is just fair to all. Unlike other staffing agencies, eLitmus offers good quality of jobs. If you are the right candidate and if you feel a certain company is the right place for you to work, then you will get into that organisation without much trouble through eLitmus. Certainly, eLitmus is going to help you in pursuing your dreams. Thanks a lot eLitmus. Hope more candidates will shine and reach to the zenith through eLitmus.

Manideep,  Cisco
Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka  (2014 batch)
I express my gratitude to eLitmus for helping me secure a job at Cisco. I found the entire journey from writing the pH test to earning an interview call very interesting and challenging. I feel the system was designed so as to bring out the best in a candidate. It certainly helped me to get the job. I would definitely recommend the eLitmus way to any engineering graduate I come across, starting with my brother.

Prabhakar Mishra,  Cisco
Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Jharkhand  (2015 batch)
I would like to thank eLitmus for providing me the opportunity to apply for a company like Cisco. The best thing about elitmus is that they don't unnecessarily call huge number of people, just for the sake of providing opportunities. The interviews are well organized . I would definitely recommend ph test to every fresher.

Prabhav Tiwari,  Cisco
Global College Of Technology,Jaipur  (2014 batch)
It has been really a wonderful experience with eLitmus right from the time I applied for the test and has been selected in Cisco. It would have never been possible for a candidate like me to be placed in a company like Cisco as am from a tier III college. eLitmus has not only given me my first job after struggling for almost a year, it has also shaped my career into a promising direction. I will be grateful to eLitmus forever for getting me into such reputed company.

Rishabh Gupta,  Cisco
ITGGU, Bilaspur (Institute Of Technology), Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh  (2015 batch)
eLitmus has proven that it is the best platform for freshers for not only starting their career without much struggle as well as in getting placed in world class companies like Cisco. For me, eLitmus was like an angel which came up in my life when I just stopped thinking about getting high end jobs. In august 2015, I got several calls and that was the best week because I had calls everyday with such a systematic and coordinated process of recruitment. Thank you eLitmus for making us feel happy.

Sathish Kumar,  McAfee
PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu  (2010 batch)
I had once attended an off- campus interview in Bangalore. I was one among 3000 people who wrote the written test. Even though i got short-listed i had never been called for the interview. But it's completely a different scenario @ eLitmus. I attended Mcafee interview through eLitmus. I was one among 40 people. "Certainity" is the word that comes to my mind when I think about eLitmus. If you are the right candidate and if you feel this is the right organisation you want to work, you will get into that organisation without much trouble! Certainly, It's eLitmus which is going to help you in pursuing your dreams!!!

Dhananjaya Kumar A,  Sonus Networks
RV College Of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka  (2012 batch)
"eLitmus is a TRUSTed interface between colleges and corporate world. It has so many good companies under its belt. Unlike some other staffing agencies, eLitmus assures good jobs if you are up for it. I was in a bad situation when the company i was placed messed with my campus offer at the last moment. But eLitmus gave me opportunities and within a month i could get into a good company. Thanks eLitmus! Keep going!"

Sathish,  Azuga
Sri Ram Engineering College  (2012 batch)
I got placed in Azuga Inc. through elitmus. After many unsuccessful attempts in trying to get a job, it was elitmus ph test which helped me pursue a career in a company which i love.Thanks to elitmus for having given such great opportunities for freshers.

Somil,  NettPositive
Aset,Lucknow  (2012 batch)
eLitmus gives an excellent platform to freshers as it provides so many opportunities.I gave eLitmus thrice and the third time got a good percentile so please have patience and prepare well. I am thankful to eLitmus as it helped me a lot in putting my first step towards success.

Akhil,  Accenture
Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka  (2012 batch)
It is one of those things which you never believed would happen, but then, it HAPPENS. The way they conduct their ph test and even the systematic way of their carrying out the drive, they are really best. Thank you eLitmus...and keep the good work..

Chinni Mahesh Kumar,  KLA Tencor
Vellore Institute Of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu  (2011 batch)
"Elitmus is the best platform one can imagine not only for students from average colleges but also for students from top colleges who missed the placements train once. The range of jobs ranging from 2 lacs to 12 lacs , freshers to laterals, various job locations is simply awesome!! The elitmus written test (pH)shows the quality of the process they follow.I got lot of support from elitmus representative during my long interview rounds in KLA Tencor. They are available till end of day guiding us. Thanks to elitmus for showing the path. You guys are awesome.

Priya Jindal,  Nettpositive
"I can say that elitmus is not only the best option but it is only trustworthy option for offcampus placement.The best thing about this exam is it require preparation and this is the reason why large no. of MNCs trust elitmus. I am truly grateful to elitmus for my complete life. Advice for freshers is 1st prepare for this exam. 2nd just give it as soon as possible after graduation and give it again and again if you aren't able to score good once. 3rd trust yourself and trust elitmus.."

Karan Arora,  Sopra
Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology, New Delhi, Delhi  (2012 batch)
eLitmus provided me with a platform that was unique, full of opportunities and and it boosted my career start when i was selected at Sopra Group India, through eLitmus.

Kumar Nitin,  Apostek
MVJ College Of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka  (2012 batch)
eLitmus has been instrumental in shaping the career of thousands of students. Thanks

Salim Malik Mazumdar,  Accenture
Anwarul-Uloom College Of Engineering & Technology, Rangareddy, Andhra Pradesh  (2012 batch)
At first my heartfelt thanks to elitmus. When I was losing all the hope of getting a job, I came to know about elitmus from one of my brothers. He persuaded me to go for elitmus pH test to get into a good company. I was a little a skeptical at that time. But I was wrong, elitmus not only gave me a job but in a good company too. I'm very grateful to elitmus. Without elitmus it would not have been possible. You are doing a great work by providing a platform to engineering graduates to make it big in life.

Shyam,  ITTI Pvt. Ltd
Sambhram Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka  (2011 batch)
Thanks a lot Elitmus. I had lost my all hopes of getting a job,but finally got a chance from elitmus.Thank you elitmus team for helping me get a job.

Sarthak Roy,  Attra Infotech
Adamas Institute Of Technology  (2012 batch)
"To get a job beyond college campus is just becoming myth day by day. Still Elitmus is working as the ray of light in this scenario. The acceptance of pH score in the prominent companies throughout the country raises chance of all the candidates to face interviews. And more importantly elitmus works as a filtering gateway to job seekers to bypass the ever-rising number of fake companies. Thanks to elitmus for giving me the stream of opportunities, one of which changed my life to the lusting ""EMPLOYED"" status. Please you guys carry on with same dedication,honesty and focus. And freshers who are really seeking job through elitmus,just give your best shot to have a good pH score and the rest will be handled by elitmus and of course meanwhile don't forget to sharpen your technical and communication skills. Best of luck to all of you."

Thulluru,  Principal
Vignan's Lara Institute Of Technology And Science  (2012 batch)
"I am thankful to eLitmus for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity to work with Principal Financial Group. I sincerely suggest eLitmus to all job aspirants .eLitmus is the best way to chase dream job.The opportunities provided by eLitmus are best interms of remuneration and company's brand value.Thank you eLitmus team, you are doing wonderful job"

Mohd Shakib,  Langoor
G.L.Bajaj Institute Of Technology And Management Greater Noida  (2012 batch)
Elitmus is like a interface to get opportunities from your dream companies. Now I am learning more than i expected in a start-up Langoor . Its been like a family for me now and I'm loving it.