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Ayaskant Sahu


eLitmus provided me with opportunities which are miles ahead of the opportunities being offered at my college campus recruitment

What candidates say...

Ravi Kumar Sharma,  Tally
ISM, Dhanbad (Indian School of Mines)  (2012 batch)
Everyone says that offcampus is hard but eLitmus made it possible for me. The procedure was very easy and organised. eLitmus is very helpful and a very good way to get offcampus opportunity for freshers and others. So, best of luck to other candidates.

Anand S,  Sobha Developers
Amrita School Of Engineering, Coimbatore  (2012 batch)
First of all I thank eLitmus for helping me to get placed in core company. Entire process I had with eLitmus was clean. I got help and guidance from all ends from pH test till my interview with Sobha Developers Chairman. Process was transparent and I am very grateful to eLitmus. I will recommend eLitmus for all my friends. eLitmus makes off-campus search easy and direct. I wish eLitmus grow and continue its good work in shaping the future of young and bright individuals. Hope you bring more and more core companies and serve students better. Best Wishes and THANKS to whole eLitmus team!

Dibyendu Nath,  McAfee
HIT, Kolkata (Heritage Institute of Technology)  (2011 batch)
I was going through a tough time when eLitmus offered me a chance to prove my mettle. Boy, was I surprised to land a dev job at one of the leading network security companies in the world within a month of giving the exam. I am very thankful to the eLitmus team and I wish to recommend everyone to give a shot at the eLitmus pH test ... you will never ever regret it.

Samiran Kumar Mondal,  A Telecom Giant
NIT Durgapur  (2011 batch)
I am really thankful to eLitmus who provided me such a great platform from where I could touch my dreams.Today I am a part of Ericsson Global India Pvt. Ltd. and working in a Telecom sector is like my dreams coming true and this is all due to eLitmus, so please carry on this good work .

Ankur Jaiswal,  Attra Infotech
BBDNITM, Lucknow (Babu Banarsi Das National Institute Of Technology And Management)  (2011 batch)
This has been a great platform for freshers ever since it started. I am really thankful to eLitmus for getting me an opportunity to work in Payment Cards Industry through Attra. I would suggest each and every fresher candidate to take the elitmus pH test as one or the other way it will help you build your career.

Shikha Chordia,  Samsung
BIT, Mesra (Birla Institute of Technology)  (2011 batch)
I am thankful to you for providing me such a great platform by which I could be able to make it to Samsung.eLitmus provides a golden opportunity to freshers to give a boom start to their career. Once again hundreds of thanks to eLitmus Team!

Karthika B,  Samsung
RVCE, Bangalore (RV College Of Engineering)  (2011 batch)
It was a pleasure getting the support of eLitmus to get a good job to start my career. The one unique thing about eLitmus is about the commitment and seriousness you emphasize on written rounds and the way they are conducted(unlike any other consultancy firm). Also the dedication the team members show is very nice. It was my pleasure getting your support.

Gaurav Srivastava,  Attra Infotech
NIEC, Lucknow (Northern India Engineering College)  (2011 batch)
Searching job off-campus is really very hard. Competition is very high. But eLitmus is filtering the deserving candidates and helping them in getting good job. I myself came to Bangalore in search of job. I searched job for about 7 months but was wasted. I'd lost my hope. Then one of my friend suggested me to give eLitmus pH test. I prepared hard for it and finally it paid me well.Within three months I got job.So I suggest all freshers that if you are not hired On-Campus then eLitmus is the best and trusted way of getting job.

Alok Tripathi,  Collabera
PCCS, Gr Noida (Priyadarshini College of Computer Science)  (2011 batch)
eLitmus is really making difference in the lives of freshers, probably the best platform a fresher can get. I am thankful to eLitmus that helped me getting my first job in big company like Collabera and provided me the platform for achieving success in life. I believe eLitmus is almost a must for all freshers.

Shweta Jena,  Samsung
KIIT, Bhubaneswar (Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology)  (2011 batch)
It gives me an immense pleasure of thanking eLitmus for the wonderful opportunity given to work with Samsung India Software Operations. I would suggest all freshers as well as experienced people out there to grab your dream jobs with elitmus and excel in your career. Good Luck All !!

Vivek Siddegowda B.S,  Fidelity
CEC, Bangalore (City Engineering College)  (2011 batch)
"It was a wonderful experience starting from the day I applied for the ph test. Even though I had an offer from another company, I did not want to sit idle and wait for the joining date from that company,. eLitmus helped me with that, by providing a chance to attend interviews of the best companies in India and at the world level. It also provided me a platform to compete with brilliant minds from all over India. I am very happy that I got selected to an awesome company like Fidelity through eLitmus. And, finally Thank you everyone associated with eLitmus."

Rishabh Mathur,  Ericsson
MSIT, Janak Puri (Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology)  (2011 batch)
I would just like to tell that eLitmus has driven my success story, like it has done for so many freshers. It has given me a platform from where I can only prosper. The services provided by eLitmus have been excellent; whether it be the manner in which the eLitmus exam was conducted or the way I could apply for the top companies so easily and simply, eLitmus provided me with a wonderful platform. I thank eLitmus for shaping my career in the way it has..

Agam Sarin,  Ericsson
VIT, Vellore (Vellore Institute Of Technology)  (2011 batch)
I take up this opportunity to thank eLitmus team for guiding me through the interview process .The efforts which your team puts to help a graduate meet his potential employer is highly commendable.

Poornima Shree,  Fidelity
VITS, Ghaziabad (Vivekanand Institute of Technology and Science)  (2011 batch)
Thank you for providing freshers with such a wonderful and trust-able platform. I am currently liking my start with fidelity and hope to continue with the feel.

Ravi Malik,  Fidelity
LIMAT, Faridabad (Lingayas Institute of Managment & Technology)  (2011 batch)
Regarding eLitmus i would just say it really did a great job and helped me and many other freshers in finding an appropriate job in a good company with an extremely good package :-)

JIGAR,  Fidelity
MITM, Indore (Medi Caps Institute of Technology & Management)  (2011 batch)
I would like to thank you for your support in providing me my first job.

Nishant,  Ericsson
Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer  (2010 batch)
Through eLitmus, I was one step ahead of others, by not standing in the queue. Just a test, whenever you want ....then its just you and the interviewer between your job.

Prasoon Kumar Jha,  Ericsson
VIT, Bangalore (Vemana Institute of Techonology)  (2011 batch)
Thanks for giving me a nice platform to shape my career. Your organisation is doing great job for fresher as per as my experience...... this is my first company through eLitmus...... its really fantastic experience. thanks a lot..

Manish,  Ericsson
ACE, Sohna (Apeejay College of Engineering)  (2010 batch)
"I would like to thank eLitmus for providing me this life time golden opportunity to work with my dream company. It wouldn't be possible without eLitmus. Thanks to eLitmus. I have been continuously visiting your site and happy to see the changes you have made so far. "

Apoorv,  Fidelity
IITT College Of Engineering, Pojewal  (2011 batch)
"First of all I would like to thank entire eLitmus team for the excellent opportunities they have given to me. eLitmus really propelled my career and gave me start which every fresher only dreams of. eLitmus is the best platform for the off campus placement and that too in top multinationals. Starting my career with the world's largest mutual fund company ,Fidelity would have remained a dream without eLitmus. eLitmus team is working very hard to provide freshers a dream start in some of world's champion firms in their respective fields. I think that every fresher should appear for the pH test as it exposes him to vast opportunities through eLitmus. At last i would like to say thanks to all eLitmus team for providing me such an opportunity and would like to congratulate them for amazing results and opportunities they are providing to every pH qualifier."