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Nitin Singh Gaur


I am really very thankful to eLitmus for providing me a platform to showcase myself and providing a helping hand to grab such a

What candidates say...

Anand Gupta,  Incept
Hitkarini College of Engineering and Technology, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh  (2012 batch)
I greatly thank Elitmus for providing me with such an opportunity at such a tough time. Elitmus brought a complete U turn to my life, Thanks Elitmus....Carry on your services like this.

Santak Dalai,  KLA Tencor
IIIT Allahabad, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh  (2012 batch)
eLitmus brings a unique launchpad for people seeking jobs. It has a great ph test and very decent network of employers. I am really thankful to eLitmus for providing me with such an opportunity.

Priya Jain,  Novell Softeare
Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology & Science, Indore, Madhya Pradesh  (2012 batch)
To be a part of product based and employee friendly company like NOVELL is really a blessed thing and ELITMUS ph test worked for me like prayer for the same.

Manoj Kumar Bisht,  Sapient Nitro
HBTI, Kanpur (Harcourt Butler Technological Institute), Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh  (2012 batch)
Thanks elitmus for providing me a platform. I have given my elitmus ph test in feb 2012 and got a large number interviews during the year, atlast I in november i got a call from Sapient Nitro through elimus n converted it . Now working and learning ....Happily ever-after in Sapient.

Nitesh Goyal,  Moolya
Global Institute Of Technology  (2012 batch)
"eLitmus provides a key to student to unlock their future opportunities, I am really very glad and happy to get this opportunity through eLitmus. P.S. -> Thanks eLitmus, you are helping student by reducing their tensions by 80%."

Mukesh Kumar Agarwal,  Innovative Sparks
RNS Institute Of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka  (2012 batch)
Thank you elitmus. You gave me many opportunities, but i was unable to get selected in those companies. But finally gave me this option and now i am very happy working with Innovative Sparks.

Anup Kumar,  Accenture
Future Institute of Engineering and Management 148, Kolkata, West Bengal  (2012 batch)
Thanks for giving me such a great opportunity, without the contribution of eLitmus it would have not been possible to get placed in Accenture. I was searching for jobs since my college ended in July 2012 but did not succeed and wrote the pH test on 2nd December 2012, got selected in Accenture on 16th December 2012. I feel very thankful to eLitmus and I would suggest my juniors to write the pH test. To get a job,all one needs to do is to take this exam seriously and appear for interviews of different companies unless one gets a dream job. Thank you very much eLitmus team.

Brajesh Mishra,  Moolya
Faculty Of Science And Technology  (2012 batch)
Kudos to e-litmus. You guys are doing awesome work to help us to get to our dream places.I would like to suggest every fresher to go through e-litmus ph test if you really want to be at the places you never expected to be at. Thanks to team e-litmus again

Prateek Bhattacharya,  Attra Infotech
DIT UNIVERSITY, Dehradun, Uttarakhand  (2012 batch)
Thanks to E-litmus. Based on my performance in the Ph test, I got placed in Attra during very tough times, its best thing is transparency.

Dhawal Kapil,  Sapient Nitro
LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan  (2012 batch)
I truly want to thanks eLitmus for my selection at SapientNitro. In the present scenario eLitmus is a boon for aspiring graduates. The result and outcome eLitmus gives is marvelous. Its the only place we can trust for searching jobs in India.

Ashutosh,  McAfee
MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka  (2011 batch)
I would like to thank elitmus for providing me with this opportunity. I got many calls from elitmus. Failed couple of times to convert the opportunity. That did not disheartened me and I finally got success. I personally advise every aspirant to write elitmus at least once.

Suyash Gupta,  BlackRock
Delhi Technological University  (2013 batch)
Elitmus is a great platform for freshers, it helped me a lot in my placements and gave me a chance to be a part of blackRock. I would urge all the freshers to go for elitmus PH test as it is a great platform for providing quality jobs.

Udbhav Agarwal,  Bizosys
LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan  (2012 batch)
I really want to thank elitmus for helping me in getting a good job even in this tough competitive environment. I did B-tech from The LNM Institute of Information technology jaipur in ECE. I got a job of a software developer in Bizosys Technologies banglore. Elitmus helped me get such a good reputed company as otherwise finding a good company offcampus is a very tough task. Getting a job is a boon and a much relaxed phase and so i heartily thank elitmus for this. Converting a call is a matter of practice. Practice for each piece (aptitude, technical etc) exclusively, give mock interviews and just crack them. I wish all the job applicants all the best.

Anumol Rajan,  Amadeus
Acharya Narendra Dev College  (2009 batch)
I am really thankful to eLitmus for giving me an opportunity to work with Amadeus Software Labs. I have always wanted to start my career with a Product Company and all thanks to eLitmus I could. In one month after giving my pH test, I had an offer from the world's leader in travel technology solutions. What more could i ask for! One thing that i loved about eLitmus is the way they organize their drives. Although I just attended two of their drives, I was really impressed by the efficient way things are handled at each drive, everything was well planned.

Chilkuru Ragunath,  Sonus Networks
SMVDU, Udhampur, Jammu and Kashmir  (2010 batch)
Taking the elitmus ph test is the best thing I have done till now. I am grateful to elitmus people for helping me to get into a wonderful company like Sonus. Please continue the good work and helping graduates land into dream jobs and dream companies.

Lakshay,  BlackRock
Iiit Delhi  (2013 batch)
eLitmus has been a great platform for my career. It has provided me with a great job in Blackrock. I will always be thankful to eLitmus for providing me with such a great opportunity.

Rohit,  Sapient Nitro
Vellore Institute Of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu  (2012 batch)
Even after getting a campus offer, i wasn't getting the D.O.J. That was the time when i was really worried and applying everywhere i saw a job opening, but to my surprise even after having great skill set and btech degree from tier 2 college, i wasn''t getting good interview calls. And then eLitmus happened to me, got a job within a month of giving the exam. eLitmus you mean a lot to a lot of people like me.

Nagarjun,  Logica
A M C College of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka  (2012 batch)
"First of all,let me thank the entire team at Elitmus whole heartedly for doing such a wonderful job. I got selected in Logica with the help of elitmus,elitmus gives equal opportunities based on our merit and for that i am happy. Not only is the entire placement process transparent(kudos there!!!!!) but also very well organized and quick. Finally i would like to say you guys have played a big part in transforming many of our lives for the best,keep it up and hope millions get placed because of u guys."

Kotha,  Logica
CMR Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh  (2012 batch)
By the end of my college, i didn't get placed into any Organisation and i was bit worried about getting into a Company, at that time i came to know about e-litmus which conducts a wonderful ph test exam which give you Opportunities to prove yourself, so i gave my exam and as soon as i gave my exam, i got a cal from Logica Pvt Ltd and i'm glad that i got selected. E-litmus is really a good platform for people who have lot of talent and waiting for an opportunity. Thanks to eLitmus team for helping me in getting a job

Thejwal,  Accenture
Kalpataru Institute of Technology, Tiptur, Karnataka  (2012 batch)
"Elitmus thanks a guys are the best...After standing in many many long ""walk-in queues"" from whitefield to yelahanka in Bangalore, that too most of the times not even getting a chance to attend the interview, I was almost laughing at my condition..that is when I gave the pH test...and the result was unbelievable..I still thank GOD for giving me the minimum intelligence to make the decision to prepare and take the pH test... 1400 candidates who came for the Accenture interview, were treated with respect...and given a place to sit... Elitmus was professional in and out...GREAT JOB guys,,,keep it up..!!! and freshers if you miss the PH test, you dont know what you are missing!!"