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eLitmus Evaluation Pvt Ltd
Associate Consultant
eLitmus Evaluation Pvt Ltd
Full Time
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

₹ 9,00,000

Fresher (2023 to 2024)

Drive Locations: Bangalore, Kolkata, NCR
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This jobs requires you to have taken the pH Test. Know More

About You

You identify as a nerd/ geek. You love maths and questions starting with How & Why. You devour newspapers and feed on non-fiction books (including ones written by business leaders for inspiration). Every position of responsibility held by you hasn't been a checklist of tasks but a challenge to yourself to beat mediocrity (eg. doubling the budget of your college fests singlehandedly, running for and becoming the general secretary/ treasurer).

You have done engineering and loved the mindset it imparts. But you know that being an engineer (whether a techie or a core engineer) is not your calling. You find your home in building businesses and solving problems. Equally, you know that legendary companies' founders and their key team members had no prior experience and learned it along the way (eg. Flipkart, Reliance, etc.)


Why this is an ideal opportunity for you?

We are building to be the CXO factory of India. And we have brought receipts -

After two years with eLitmus, you will have ample freedom to go out and contribute to business building unlike ‘large companies’ where you need to conform to a process and just be equivalent to a worker in a large assembly line OR in one of the existing business be the resident expert and consult our customers on best strategy for them. 

Equally, eLitmus has reached a critical mass in terms of users, which it plans to leverage to enter new business areas. Though a small organization, we have functions covering them all - Customer Success, Sales, Operations, Technology et al.


About eLitmus

eLitmus is a talent technology company. We are an umbrella of products (read SAAS) & services. At eLitmus, you get to work with hundreds of companies (from Fortune 500s to niche startups) every year across multiple geographies. We defined a complete talent sourcing & assessment industry which resulted in scores of startups following us. We are at an explosive growth stage where we are chasing product excellence and exploring new ventures/ P&L lines (remember our M&A division?). Hence, we are hiring across business verticals & functions.


About your role

Despite our 19+ year-old history, eLitmus still functions like a startup with a flat-org structure (no calling anyone Sir/ Ma'am). As such, roles are fluid and even our tech team sometimes dips into business assignments. You begin your journey at eLitmus with a particular function and become the master of the domain (end-to-end ownership) in the first couple of years. Post that, you have the freedom to take on varied custom-built roles across functions or take control of new business verticals or wear a generalist multi-role hat.  All hires will begin with Customer Success for first 6 months. 

We are principally looking for talent who has high initiative, persistence & ownership and believes in getting things done. Roles at eLitmus can be custom-built to the right person's strengths.


  • 2023 or 2024 batch B.E. / B.Tech / Integrated M.Tech (Any branch)
  • Great Extracurriculars / PORs / Internships or Other Initiatives & Achievements
  • Great academics throughout (generally top 10% of the batch)
  • High pH Test score (excellent performance in PS and Quant sections)


Selection Process

  • Round 1 - Elimination round
    • Invitation will be based on your eLitmus pH test scores
    • You shall be administered an aptitude test (skipped if you have a management trainee job offer with eLitmus)
    • Only students who qualify in this round will proceed to next round
  • Round 2 - Assignment round + in person test
    • An assignment shall be given to you on which you need to work on and submit
    • In parallel or post the submission of assignment, you shall be called for an in person test (to eliminate candidates who engaged in malpractices in Round1 and remote online pH Test) at the drive location selected by you.
  • Round 3 - Multiple round of Interviews

PS :

  • While drive locations include Delhi and Kolkata for Round 2, it may be a possibility that the Round 2 drive is held only at Bangalore


Service Terms

  • The company spends considerable effort & time in training new employees through direct mentoring from the company's C-Suite. Only candidates willing to commit to a minimum of 18 months of full-time employment post-internship need to apply.


Compensation Details

  • Internship
    • First three months you shall be a training period at eLitmus office in Bangalore
    • The stipend will be ₹ 29,000 per month
    • Candidates will be covered by medical insurance while working from Company premises
  • FTE (Upon successful completion of the internship)
    • Tens of lakhs of rupees saved fees to an MBA institute :)
    • In addition CTC will be 9 lakhs which includes Phantom Bonus stocks worth ₹ 3 lakhs which is assured cash! (not linked to stock price fluctuation) and paid out as follows :
      • 30% on completion of second year from the date of start as FTE
      • 70% on completion of third year from the date of start as FTE

Note :

  • Only candidates who have not been rejected in last 2 years in any role with eLitmus are eligible to apply