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eLitmus Evaluation Pvt Ltd
Principal Engineer - RoR Developer
eLitmus Evaluation Pvt Ltd

₹ 30,00,000 and above | (CTC)

4 Years to 7 Years

Referral Reward: ₹ 10,00,000
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About the company:

At eLitmus we help companies build high performing workforce. Our customers tend to outperform their peers (basis last study undertaken in 2018, eLitmus customers had an average of 18.2% higher growth rate than their peers) . 

The secret sauce ingredients include

  • eLitmus assessments -  used to hire upto 10 year experienced professionals
  • Superior database - entry level talent pool better than any other platform

Our most notable success is supporting Flipkart with hires in very early days of its existence (while operating out of a small house in Kormangala) 

Why look at this opportunity?

eLitmus is now building a team to provide outsourced product development to extremely high tech companies in the valley. As we have done it before multiple times for our customers who went on to build game changing technology - we are confident of repeating it for ourselves. 

We promise you colleagues who are 

  • Strong in core computer science - Algorithms, Data structures, Research etc (not just application programmers) 
  • Are quintessential problem solvers and worked with product companies
  • Can think business implications of architecture and code they write 
  • Speak their mind fearlesslessly and equal can hear to others without judging them

And most of the code you will write is for companies in valley which are pushing boundaries to disrupt the existing technologies. So get ready to change the World

Opportunity to be intrapreneur

  • You will be part of team which will build this division
  • It will be hived off as a separate company when it reaches 50 professionals
  • For everyone who helps in building this business up, stocks will be offered (so you will be a co-founder of this company)  

About the current opening:

You will work on product (back end systems) of valley based tech product company building products for companies which work with large amount of data. 

You will be writing clean and efficient APIs, for a system that can handle very high volume of data. Your goal will be to develop high-quality software and support it throughout its lifecycle by your exceptional skills. So, if you have a passion for designing/architecting highly scalable software systems and realising them in your own code, and you qualify the following requirements, go right ahead and apply to this job. This is the best career decision you will ever make. 


  • At Least 4+ years of experience as a Ruby on Rails developer
  • Development of highly performant REST API's in Ruby on Rails as middleware
  • Experience designing data models, working with databases
  • Designing robust, secure and scalable features 
  • Last but not the least, very strong core CS fundamentals

KPIs you will be measured on: programming proficiency, ability to think through various scenarios including usage, performance, and security. Quality and foresight in system design. Degree of motivation and efficiency.

Additional responsibility will include helping eLitmus grow this division. This would mean proving technology poweress of eLitmus to companies working on cutting edge of technology. It is only then that they will trust us with developing their products.  

Want to be part of this team? But do not have X-factor and/or enough experience?

Being in talent space, we know that many professionals can scale up and fly if given the right oppotunity.

So if you not have the right problem solving skills and experience level of 2 to 4 years (even more), you may want to apply to a role where you will part of team which develops products used by eLitmus (like hackathon platforms, video steam platforms used for proctoring, job board, online testing platform etc to name a few) .  Application link is

Prove yourself in couple of years and we will happy to move you to our outsourced product development team. Our alumni from this team have made it to companies like Facebook, Microsoft etc in UK and US . So we have challenged ourselves to build such companies rather than our talent having to leave us. 



Anyone who has an eLitmus account can refer their friends to this job 

  • As a token of gratitude eLitmus will pay you a cash reward (paid to a bank account of an Indian resident post applicable tax deductions by eLitmus) 
    • ₹ 100,000 - 1 successful referral
    • ₹ 300,000 - 2 successful referral
    • ₹ 1 million - 3 success referral or more
  • Referral shall be payable only if the successful candidate who is offered the job completes 6 calendar months of continuous employment with the company. 
  • The referred candidate should have entered your elitmus login mail id / eLitmus candidate Id under referral field
  • The referee would be eligible for 100% of the referral amount in case they have a pH score prior to the referred candidate applying to the job. Others would be eligible for only 50% of the referral amount.