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eLitmus Evaluation Pvt Ltd
eLitmus Evaluation Pvt Ltd
(Sr.) Business Associate (Customer Success)
eLitmus Evaluation Pvt Ltd

₹ 5,00,000 - ₹ 7,00,000

1 Year to 3 Years

Job Description

About you:

Do you have the following traits

  • A hunger to learn
  • Never shy away from asking a question (even if it seems to be a silly one)
  • High on aptitude
  • Highly diligent and does not hate meeting deadlines
  • High ownership for results

If yes, then we have a job which is custom made for you. Yes, the standard disclaimer - the selection process is rigorous, starting from a series of aptitude tests followed by interviews to evaluate your thinking capabilities and excellence demonstrated in your existing job.

About the company:

On this site, we need no introduction. Do we? Having great colleagues means a lot to us. So will not take our reputation for granted.

We are eLitmus - a company that has changed the destiny of more than half a million techies as well as a couple of hundred companies, over its 13 years of existence. We do this by continuously using very smart methodologies and at a fraction of resources (including people) of what our well-funded competitors have.

We broke the proverbial glass ceiling without a venture firm backing us and without the typical first movers' advantage. And we are glad to have helped tens of thousands of you to do exactly the same.

A challenge is what we love to live up to, as a philosophy.

More about the role

  • You will start off as an individual contributor in Recruitment delivery or Candidate sales eLitmus.
  • Community building - this is one place where eLitmus lags. The key role is to bring in candidates by direct outreach or through colleges
    • This is still an evolving group - so you wear multiple hats - mail campaigns, engaging with candidates (both placed and new ones), cold calls to colleges, building online communities and guiding candidates on building a great career
    • Tracking and analysing data
  • Customer Success - your role involves ensuring customer success and going the whole nine yards for it including - 
    • Understanding customer and customer requirement
    • Designing a solution which will best suit the customer (at times suggesting selection rounds as well)
    • Market the job to the right candidate set 
    • Help customer with future steps to close their position
    • In summary, ensure customer delight so that they refer more customers to you. We as a company do not sell our services to companies (they all approach us)
  • Few things you need to know to be successful in this role
    • eLitmus believes knowledge/services industry is all about people. If a business gets the right talent it will outperform its competition. No wonder, companies which use eLitmus outperform their peer group
    • To design good solutions you need to have a very strong market intelligence. This means you should be good at befriending people and gather market intelligence
      • Example eLitmus had two analytics companies serving the BFSI vertical as its customers. While the first customer had banks looking up to them for innovation the second customer had banks looking up to them to provide resources.  So we lined up candidates who could innovate and understand real-life business situations fast for the first company with great communication skills while for a second we lined up the more perseverant ones who love to sit on their chair and tinker with tools & code.
    • You should have a knack to learn from previous assignments and implement continuous improvements in future ones
  • Future roles would include stints with test operations, sales & marketing and in 3 years time frame building business lines from scratch


  • 2015/2016/2017 batch BE/BTech (any branch)
  • Great pH score will move you right up the queue
  • Candidates without pH Test scores will be considered but will undergo one extra round
  • Should have never attended an eLitmus selection process for a nontech role


If your referral gets selected and complete 6 months

  • Sunday brunch for 4 at a 4/5 Star Hotel in Bangalore

Remember organisations differentiate on the basis of their human capital. So this is a role all future business leaders should do at some point in their career !! It will teach you the art of building great teams.