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eLitmus Evaluation Pvt Ltd

Technology Intern
Job location:
Event date:
11 Dec 2016
Last date to apply:
09 Dec 2016
Salary offered:
₹ 4,82,000
Experience required:
Company URL:
Additional Details:

About the company:


We are eLitmus - a household name and legend in India in our domain. A company that has changed the lives of more than 500k techies, in over 21 countries, over the last 7 years. Our website (www.elitmus.com) serves more than 8 million pages every month.  Our PAC Labs (www.paclabs.com) division serves 1+ million tests in English, Mandarin, Japanese and Spanish and CodeLitmus platform tests the chops of great programmers. 


eLitmus Technology team blogs can be accessed here


Why eLitmus technology team?


We don't hire ninja's, because we do not know how to evaluate them. Apparently you know someone is a ninja only after s/he has killed you...


But we love and hire nerds.


eLitmus was founded by a bunch of technocrats. Technology had to be the backbone of our business, and it is. If you are a nerd, we are the employer you are looking for. Java is passe in eLitmus. We have moved much ahead and make use of many open source technologies - Ruby on Rails, MySQL, MongoDB, Git, OpenCV, Docker happen to be some of them.


With an internship opportunity for undergraduates, we aim towards nurturing a set of high potential individuals, who will ultimately become an integral part of eLitmus’ future. 


After 16 years of classroom education, if you wish to spend another six months locked up in a fancy classroom somewhere in Mysore or Chennai, we are definitely NOT the employer for you.


Instead, if you get your kicks out of seeing your code used by thousands of people within the first week of your employment, Come talk to us...




● B.E/B.Tech/MCA - 2017 Batch

● You will be asked to crack a hands-on coding assignment in one of the rounds, if that horrifies you, you may not apply!

● High pH score 

● Your college / university should allow for last semester full time internship 


Desired skills:


Our selection process is extremely rigorous, but some traits which can get you into the eLitmus technology team are:


  • You should have explored things outside your curriculum - that means, stuff other than .Net, Java, Matlab etc.
  • You should feel at home with a POSIX compliant OS (Linux/MacOS/Unix)
  • You are high on logic and love mathematics, puzzles and brain teasers
  • With all the above, you are still very well glued into what's happening in the world at large around you -  you most definitely do not lack General Knowledge. It is sort of depressing for us that in one of our previous events, most people thought that the current CEO of Infosys is Mr. Narayan Murthy!


Last but not the least you value your time and hence would rather do internship than while away time in your last semester. 


Program details:  

  • In your last semester you would do a full time internship with eLitmus
  • You internship will be converted to full time employment with effect from 1st July


Compensation details:

  •  Stipend of Rs 15,000 per month (plus Break fast / Lunch provided at office) during internshp 
  • Compensation of Rs 4,82,000 per annum on commencement of your full time employment


Note :

eLitmus spends considerable effort in training new interns/ employees through a direct mentoring by senior folks. Only candidates willing to commit for a minimum period of 24 months tenure post commencement of employent need apply. Post internship all interns have to compulsory accept the offer of employment with eLitmus




Apply ONLY if your college permits you to do 5-days-a-week internship (Mon-Fri) during entire final semester of your B.E/ B.Tech/ MCA  course



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