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Tally Solutions Private Limited
Software Engineer
Tally Solutions Private Limited
Full Time
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

₹ 6,00,000 - ₹ 6,50,000


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About the Company:

Since 1986, Tally has been passionately chasing its sole purpose ’To make everyone who touches Tally – happier’. Happiness manifests itself in the form of growth or expansion, which implies ‘Growth for our customers’, ’Growth for our partners’, ‘Growth for our employees’, ‘Growth for our vendors’, or anyone who comes in contact with Tally.

At Tally, we innovate, create and deliver technology products and services that are used by businesses across multiple segments in over 100 countries. Majority of SME businesses in India have seen continuous growth with its sheer power. Headquartered in Bangalore, Tally Solutions has 19 regional offices in India and 1 each in Dubai and Kenya. Along with over 27000 partner organisations supporting it, Tally continues to delight customers with its product/service delivery.

This massive geographical coverage is well supported by Tally’s strong R&D center. At R&D, teams operate in a challenging work environment to innovate and develop our own Object Oriented Versioned Database Systems, Domain Specific Language (TDL), and a simple User Interface.

The number of customers that use Tally products and the variety of ways they use it in, makes it vital to provide only the highest quality in Tally products. The challenge of high quality is increased as this is a mission critical application for most of our customers. Tally is constantly improving the quality of its processes and the capability of its teams, to achieve this.

And all this, while continuously standing true to its purpose - ’To make everyone who touches Tally – happier’.

Software Engineer:



  • 2016 batch BE (any stream) /MCA/ME /MTech(Any technical stream)
  • Excellent academic record (65% and above in PUC & Engineering)
  • Strong base in Maths, data structures and algorithms, willingness to program in any language and platform and crack challenges of low level systems components as well as high level business algorithms.

Job description:

  • You will be working in the domain of Retail, Compliance, ERP, Licensing and deployment,  developing programming languages and developer tools, mobile device applications, etc.
  • You will be working on one or all of the below technology areas:
    • Tally domain specific development language TDL (Tally Definition Language) to develop the business application that would be part of the reputed tally software product.
    • Base platform including Interpreter,  which hosts TDL, supports and operates on Tally db.
    • You are expected to work in small teams with a great degree of autonomy. You are required to deliver high quality formally tested code and participate in design and technical documentation. Knowledge of Object oriented programming, XML, internet protocols is preferred.


  • Ability to pick up new technologies rapidly.
  • Follows prevailing practices regarding documentation, coding standards, development tools.
  • Knowledge of Software Development Fundamentals, Software Development Process.
  • Good articulation skills.


  • Rs 6 lakhs for B.E / B.Tech
  • Rs 6.5 lakhs for MCA / M. Tech

Upcoming events:

  • Bangalore: 2nd April, 23rd April
  • Chennai: 28th May
  • Kolkata: 16th April
  • Pune: 9th April
  • Delhi: 23rd April