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eLitmus Evaluation Pvt Ltd
Sr. Associate
eLitmus Evaluation Pvt Ltd

₹ 4,50,000 and above

1 Year 6 Months to 3 Years

On this site, we need no introduction. Do we? Having great colleagues means a lot to us. So will not take our reputation for granted.

Why consider eLitmus?

Whether you start in Software, I-Banking, Finance, Marketing, Manufacturing - being from a premier institute you would eventually want to move into leadership roles. So why waste first 7-8 years of your life doing roles like software coder, equity analyst, site engineer, data scientist etc which do not give you skills to be a great leader.

Leadership is all about power to anticipate and handle ambiguity. While in your first six months with us you will be learning the tools of the trade (basics of everything) and slogging to master them, in the next six months - problems will be thrown at you which have you have on clue about nor does the organization. Not knowing anything about the problem is hardly an excuse. You need to do research and get them solved. Remember many years later as a CEO of an organization you will regularly run into problems which you have no idea about.

Net net - 3 years of successful stint with eLitmus and you are set for life. Equally if your ambition is to pursue an MBA from the best institutions of the world (we're talking Ivy League colleges, Chicago - Booth school of business and the likes), a year or two with us dramatically boosts your application.

What we are looking for?

  • Blue blooded pedigree (IITs/BITS/top NITs/DTU/NSIT/IIIT-H only)
  • You could have done your B.E/B.Tech from any branch
  • 18 - 36 months of work experience
  • CGPA - no barrier
  • Ability to slog

What we do?

Make India competitive and we mean it. Attend our selection process to get the gory details

What we expect from you?

  • Perfectionist zeal: Even if you do not like a task or for that matter your current job - yet you should have been top 10% performers. For us underperforming because you do not like a job is just an excuse and we do not want to talk to such folks.
  • High IQ: We will throw many maths problems and puzzles at you
  • Ability to think long term : We believe you can build long term business for us without getting swayed by fads our competitors engage in, only if you have a stable thought process. Over last decade we have been challenged by multiple companies including ones backed by bagfull of venture money. We have grown and beaten them all without raising a single rupee of funding. We want it to be like that going forward as well. For us the first test of that is - you willing to take salary cut to join eLitmus (reach out to other folks in linkedin from premier institutes who have worked for eLitmus and they all took cut and none regret it)

What you can expect out of this job?

With us, you will work across multiple departments - Test Operations, Assessment Practice, Recruitment Practice, Marketing, etc. where ever there is fire at that point of time. You may be expected to pick up excel, understand how digital marketing works, understand basics of coding, etc. along with getting the test done in a top institute notorious for copying. Essentially sky is the limit.

In summary -  "We are not for faint hearted" but "for the tough who get going when the going gets tough".


PS: In case you have a "great" software experience, then you will be allocated to the software R&D team itself after initial three months in business focused team.

Note: Company spends considerable effort in training new employees through a direct mentoring by senior folks. Candidates who are willing to commit to atleast a 12 months tenure need to apply. This is aggressively implemented and is waived off only if you get an admit from IIM-Ahmedabad (no other exception is made).