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Moolya Software Testing Pvt. Ltd
Exploratory Software Tester
Moolya Software Testing Pvt. Ltd

₹ 2,40,000


About the company:

Moolya helps its worldwide customers solve business problems and help customers customer to be successful. Moolya testers test web and mobile applications of today’s generation and bring changes to the product by influencing the stakeholders.

Moolya’s USP is the exploratory, context driven approach of testing and how we do check and test automation. We are mission focused (for those who understand the military parlance) and high energy to change the way testing is done in the world. It has one of the coolest workplace environment where formal wears are taboo, music and fun are the essential ingredients apart from the passion and dedication towards the software testing.

Don’t come here if you want to work as an employee rather come here to be a co-owner and excel the way you wished to. Also don’t come here to run a rat race. You will be killed.

Job description:

You will spend your time creating understanding customer’s problems, questioning what user can benefit from, finding information related to quality,  building test ideas, plans, strategy and reporting bugs, investigating them, discussion with client and generating new ideas for improving testing. You will be a combo of Social Animal and Sherlock Holmes to be good at this.

You will also be involved in code that tests product code, working closely with other developers, getting deeper into technology layers, building solutions to test better. Learning new tools and technologies and implementing them in your projects. You will be a combo of Hacker and Social Animal to be good at this.


- 2013/2012 batch BE/BTech/ME/MTech/MS (all branches) / MCA

- Good pH Score

- Good academic record

Job requirements:

- Excellent communication skills

- Questioning & analysis skills

- Exposure to software testing will be an added advantage

- One programming language among Java, Python, Ruby or Perl (not mandatory)

- Knowing more than one will increase your chance