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Telibees Technologies
Software Engineer
Telibees Technologies

₹ 2,00,000


This jobs requires you to have taken the pH Test. Know More

About the company:

We are a software product development company in the field of developing products around animations. Our software product are developed for Windows Desktop, Android phones & tablets as well as iOS platforms.

Mobile Animations are today represented as video which are extremely bulky files which are slow to download even on a 3G network which not only spoils the user experience but also make it very expensive for the user. Animations developed with our software are extremely small in size around 50KB for a 20 seconds animation. There are multiple uses of such mobile animations in the field of Education, Health, Marketing, Greetings, etc. and we are developing products with which not only the animations can be created but also products which makes use of these animations.

We are a pure R&D company working in cutting edge technologies like Direct3D, HTML5, NodeJS, Android, iPhone.


- 2013/12 batch BE/BTech (Preferably CS or IT) or MCA
- pH score
- Preference to candidates from East India (should be willing to relocate to Durgapur - which is the job location)

Job Details:

The candidate will be doing programming either in C++, Java or Javascript. While working for our company you get to get involved in design decisions which will be extremely valuable for your future career prospects. Following are the two posts that we are hiring for along with the corresponding job details:

Software Engineer: As we are working in the domain of computer animation the work will involve doing programming involving lot of mathematics like matrix operations, trigonometry and polynomial equations for drawing curves and transforming them. It would also involve developing a User Interface for the animation tool using the concepts of MVC and StateCharts. You could be working in Window Platform, Android or iOS platform.

Server Software Engineer: Here the work involved is about developing Server Side software using NodeJS which is a new and upcoming server side framework. The Server side has features like UserManagement, LogManagement, PaymentSystem, DataBackup and Restoration etc.

Desired Skills:

The candidate should have good fundamentals in Computer Science like Operating Systems, TCP/IP, Algorithms, Data Structures.
Apart from technical skills the candidate should have self motivation and perseverance. The job may require long work hours so the candidate should love programming and solving engineering problems.


We provide hands on, on the job training which as compared to classroom training gets you learn fundamental concepts very fast and help you develop a sense of applying knowledge to solving real life engineering problems.


- No resumes will be entertained directly by Telibees and all profiles will be processed by eLitmus only.
- Company spends considerable effort in training new employees through a direct mentoring by senior folks.Candidates seeking a solid technology foundation and are willing to commit to atleast a 24 months tenure need to apply.